Tutors - Real Time Learning

Design of Structures Online (DOS) is more than just a real-world design tool. It allows for direct interaction between you and your students. Which means that you can use immediate feedback from students to tailor lesson plans, for both group settings and individual help sessions.

  • Direct, immediate interaction between students and instructors provides an excellent tool for Civil Engineering stream degree candidates
  • Fully customizable lesson plans and examinations
  • Proprietary animations help instructors teach the basic concepts behind all critical components of Design of Structures
  • Facilitates group teaching settings as well as individual instruction
  • Customize lesson plans and syllabus through feedback with students and domain experts
  • Time-saving tools for analyzing and correcting assignments
  • Online storage of teaching materials and assignments, along with controlled access, improves student/teacher communication and preparation time.
  • Unique dashboard and analytics provides an opportunity to assess students' progress in real-time, rather than waiting for exams or grading periods.


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