Design of Structures Online (DOS) Design Components

Design of Structures Online is an unique platform that helps providing information such as Conceptual theory, Graphic Animation, Online Tutorials, Analysis & design as per standard codes, Common loading & support conditions, Various Sectional Analysis, Strength Calculations, Extensive Solution Sets, Knowledge bank and much more for majority of the basic design building blocks that are part of the Civil and related Engineering programs.

Use the Design Components tools one can design for real time and enhance your knowledge in areas that affect the performance of each component in real life conditions.

It also provides great amount of supporting information to building design concepts and test skills by way of simulated testing and quizzes. This helps both academic and Industry community derive the best from the system.


Design of Structures Online (DOS) is eager to find new partnerships and paths to reaching students, universities, and leading industries. Want to join us? Contact us to learn how we can work together to create a smarter and stronger design community!