Students - Real Time Learning

Design of Structures Online (DOS) is more than just a design simulator. It's a fully customizable, online design environment, and is the perfect learning tool for students at all levels of experience. The web-based platform provides a dynamic environment that can be constantly updated to meet changing industry standards, and provides two-way communication between students and teachers.

Unique dashboard and analytics provides self-assessment for students, resulting in more efficient skills improvement throughout the academic year.

  • Up-to-date learning with latest processes/materials used by industries
  • High personal attention from tutors
  • Access to recent technologies and excellent journals
  • No loss due to missed lectures or tutor’s absence
  • Study at students’ convenience and not at odd hours
  • Learning material available 24x7
  • Personal attention and quick responses from tutors
  • Limited cost of training
  • Online access to complete learning material
  • Quick responses to doubts/questions from tutors
  • Design of Structures Online (DOS) available to students across the country
  • Focused towards knowledge improvement, not just passing examinations


Design of Structures Online (DOS) is eager to find new partnerships and paths to reaching students, universities, and leading industries. Want to join us? Contact us to learn how we can work together to create a smarter and stronger design community!